Fusion Real Estate Market Update as of November 15, 2012

Fusion inventory (active homes for sale) continues to be tight and in high demand. There are multiple offers on new listings that are priced competitively (in line with actual closed sales). As of today, 11/15/12, here’s the latest scoop since October 1, 2012.

On another note, I’m excited to see that we’re getting a Coffee Bean on Rosecrans, where the old Franklin Covey store used to be. Yay! We are so fortunate to have great restaurants and shops within walking distance to us; many of them have been added since our complex was built.

As always if you need a market update before my next post, or if you’re looking to sell your Fusion condo for the highest and best price the current market will bear, contact me today and I’ll be happy to assist.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

Lower Your Fusion Property Tax Bill!

It’s that time of year again!

If you find that the current assessed value is higher than what you can sell it for in the current market, you can apply for an appeal.

Some direct links from LA County Assessor’s website that will help you:

If you’re applying for an appeal, I’d love to hear your stories regarding the process so I can share it with other Fusion Neighbors.

As always, if you’re considering selling your Fusion condo, I am happy to stop by for a consultation to help you sell for the highest and best in the current market.

Fusion Market Update as of July 14, 2012

It’s been a busy summer selling season in and out of Fusion, with limited inventory (homes for sale) and many buyers looking to take advantage of low mortgage rates.

Specific to Fusion, here’s the latest:

If you like charts and graphs, here are all of the above Active, Pending/Backup and Closed Sales in pdf: Fusion Market Update 071412

*If you are short on cash and have trouble making payments a Short Sale might be an option for you. If you have no idea what to do, call me! I have a Short Sale Negotiator in my office that I team up with, we have 2 Fusion Condos currently under contract.

If you have questions regarding selling your Fusion condo, just call me at 310-265-4222 or email homes@melindaflynn.com. To learn more about how I work with my clients, visit http://www.MelindaFlynn.com.

Fusion Market Update as of the First of the Year

Since my last post, we see there’s a new active listing (F plan) and a new closed sale (5401 #4, E plan, no upgrades closed at $380k). See the latest Fusion Market Update March 30, 2012 here.

So total since the first of the year, there are now:

  • 3 active listings
  • 6 pending/back ups (meaning, “in escrow” with a buyer)
  • 3 closed sales

I’ve got my eye on the 6 pending/back ups. Once those close escrow and new inventory comes available, we’ll have a better idea where the pricing is.

Let me know if you have any questions about the current market.


Fusion Market Update: C & D Units

Here’s the scoop on Fusion C and D Unit Market Activity since Jan. 1 to present day.

The C & D units are the mid-sized floor plans at Fusion. The C units are 2 bedrooms and 2 baths; the D units have 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Both offer 2-car attached garages with direct access to the units. As with most of the floor plans, you’ll see some variations in the square footage: the tax records show the C units with 1,110 square feet, and the D units show 1,240 square feet. However, Centex Homes (builder) had reported these units with larger square footage (C=1,208SF; D=1,331SF) so you will see different numbers on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS-the database where brokerages list properties for sale).

In my next couple of posts, I’ll feature specifically the E & F floor plans, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. As always, posts of Fusion Real Estate Blog are deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Buyers and agents should rely on their own findings.

Fusion Real Estate Market Update January 22, 2012

With the litigation finally resolved & lenders able to lend again here in the complex, we are seeing an uptick in pending sales. Here’s the Fusion Real Estate Market Update January 22, 2012.

As you probably know, 2011 was a bust for Fusion condo sales. Lenders do not want to lend on properties in litigation because there are many unknowns and it risky for them. If you’ve been reading my posts, last year we only had 2 sold units…they were actually the SAME unit which sold twice for cash–once at $335,000 and that buyer turned around and sold it at $368,800.

Now we have a fresh new year, no litigation and things are starting to move. With 5 Active listings (available for sale) and 4 pending sales, it is a good sign things are moving again. Once the pending units close escrow,  I expect things will shake out. Prices will be revealed upon closing and we will have some “comps” for appraisals.

I’ll be tracking and updating here monthly. If you have any questions regarding the Fusion Market before my next post (February), let me know.

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