Fusion Market Update as of May 23, 2019

We have had an active spring selling season here at Fusion!  Here’s the Fusion Sales Scoop as of May 23, 2019:

If you want to know what you could sell or rent your place for in today’s market, I’m just a few doors down from you and can pop over for a quick assessment.

Be seeing you around soon!


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Fusion Market Update as of Feb. 18, 2019

Annndd we’re back to our blog after some time away. We admit it, we got sidetracked with Facebook, updating our newly-enhanced www.FusionNeighbors.com and a bunch of other stuff that we’ve been uber-focused on to bring our Fusion Neighbors relevant content.

Be sure to check out our Fusionly-focused webinars on our Fusion YouTube channel and our first issue of Fused Magazine, coming this Spring. Stay tuned as we develop more content for you!

As you’re probably aware, our Fusion 5-Year Sales Trend is on the upward swing. As Google & Apple expand offices into Westside real estate, and of course the buzz and growth surrounding the new Rams Stadium in Inglewood we see more housing needed for rent and for sale. Here’s the February 2019 Fusion Sales Scoop:

If you want to know what you could sell your place for in today’s market, I’m just a few doors down from you and can pop over for a quick assessment.

Be seeing you around soon!


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Fusion Market Update as of Sept. 1, 2016

After some time away from updating you (sorry…we’ve been working non-stop and planning some fun upcoming events for our real estate customers!), we thought it’s high time to update you with an overview of the Fusion Market!

Here’s the latest Sales Scoop:

For those of you who like stats, numbers and charts, this comprehensive Fusion Market Overview April to September 2016 should satisfy you. If you’d like a customized report for your unit, let me know and I’ll be happy to send you one!


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Square footage discrepancy between Centex Sales Office and LA County Assessor’s Office

One question I often get from Fusion homeowners (usually those trying to sell or refinance) is “Why is the square footage different between the Centex Sales Office floor plans and the LA County Assessor’s Office?”

First off, it is not uncommon for county records to be different than what homeowners, appraisers, or even real estate agents quote. If you find that your county records are wrong, it’s not a huge deal to do nothing. However, by law sellers must disclose any known or material facts to potential buyers so it’s a good idea to note any discrepancies to perspective buyers.

Specific to Fusion, the square footage Centex quoted on most of the floor plans are larger than what the County Assessor’s Office records. If you’ve recently refinanced your Fusion Condo or are in the process, you might find that the appraiser taped the square footage at yet another number. Interestingly (or maybe not), another appraiser might have another number still for the same floor plan. You can resolve discrepancies by getting in touch with the assessor’s office and have them guide you. Here some links to help you out:

If you decide to do this, I’d be interested in hearing what your square footage is for your floor plan according to the assessor’s office and also how your experience was working with them.

Good luck!

Fusion Floor Plans: What the Heck’s The Difference Between an A or an E

There are 9 floor plans at Fusion, A-J minus I. And there are only 4 H units, they happen to be all along the East side in back of the complex. Don’t ask me why that is, I don’t know. Just passing along the info!

If you bought at Fusion from the Centex Sales Office, you probably know your floor plan letter. If you bought recently, you may have no idea. Does it matter? Probably not much. But it makes it easier to distinguish the difference in layout & size when you go to sell or lease your unit.

Here’s a link to all the Floor Plans in case you’re wondering what they differences are. Of course pricing makes a difference based on your location in the complex, floor plan (size), and upgrades. If you’re thinking of selling your Fusion condo, call me for a detailed assessment and marketing consultation.

Fusion Lifestyle

When we first bought at Fusion there was only dirt. The Centex Sales Staff were selling us on the “lifestyle”. They had to pitch us based on virtual tours and a miniature model display. I remember visiting the sales office many times, trying to figure out the best floor plan, the best location, etc.

On top of that, my head went spinning trying to imagine a community that wasn’t even built yet! Was it really going to look that nice, with the happy couple sitting by the pool and the lady walking her dog as the virtual tour displayed? If so, sign me up right now! But many questions twirled in my mind: How would the neighbors be, how would the location be? Will it be a good re-sale or rental when we need to move? What is the Metro maintenance yard exactly, and is it noisy? What are those power line things in the back, are they a health risk? Is it a good buying decision, it’s Hawthorne, right? But it’s right across from Manhattan Beach, and so close to the freeway and still not too far from the beach. The prices are good and the HOA dues are low. The pool will be nice, but if we buy near the pool will it be noisy? So many questions and decisions! Then when we finally settled on the floor plan, we had to choose the options and upgrades. More decisions!

Well, I’m a sucker for good marketing…my husband laughs because I fell for the Clapper infomercial (he bought me Clapper Plus for a gag gift several years ago…but I still use it and I just love it!). If the marketing grabs my attention, and it’s a useful and practical think then I will usually buy into the idea. So I fell for the idea of Fusion and the concept of “life is busy, enjoy resort-like living when you’re not working” and such. I do love the idea of having a low-key, low-maintenance, lifestyle.

Well, now after living here for 3.5 years, I can say the lifestyle and nearby places to eat, shop, exercise has only improved. There are so many great places nearby, many new places added recently that have enhanced the Fusion lifestyle. I’ll list some of my favorites next time.

Signing off for now, happy Fusion weekend everybody!