This is where I’m supposed to write about me. Well, I’ve been a Fusion homeowner before they were even built. And a real estate agent long before that. So put the two together and you get an informed real estate agent who knows the ins and outs of Fusion and its history.

My husband & I bought at Fusion because we wanted something new and near his work. Jim works at Northrop Grumman, only a couple of blocks away–how can you beat that commute? We have an E Plan, it’s very comfortable and gives us enough space.

Three & a half years later, we are still enjoying living at Fusion. What makes it great? Well, the neighbors for one. Interestingly, we haven’t even met all of the people in our building yet, we’re all so busy with different schedules! But all of the people we have met are nice. And we love that it’s a quiet complex. You would think with 280 units there would be more noise, but it’s quite the opposite.

It’s a nice community, and we are happy to be here!


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