Fusion Market Update as of Feb. 18, 2019

Annndd we’re back to our blog after some time away. We admit it, we got sidetracked with Facebook, updating our newly-enhanced www.FusionNeighbors.com and a bunch of other stuff that we’ve been uber-focused on to bring our Fusion Neighbors relevant content.

Be sure to check out our Fusionly-focused webinars on our Fusion YouTube channel and our first issue of Fused Magazine, coming this Spring. Stay tuned as we develop more content for you!

As you’re probably aware, our Fusion 5-Year Sales Trend is on the upward swing. As Google & Apple expand offices into Westside real estate, and of course the buzz and growth surrounding the new Rams Stadium in Inglewood we see more housing needed for rent and for sale. Here’s the February 2019 Fusion Sales Scoop:

If you want to know what you could sell your place for in today’s market, I’m just a few doors down from you and can pop over for a quick assessment.

Be seeing you around soon!


310-728-5795 cell/text

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