Fusion Market Update as of April 1, 2016

Dear Fusion Neighbors,

As a real estate Broker and original Fusion homeowner, I’m happy to report that our prices are FINALLY back to where they were when we bought in 2007! As you probably know, there are still many buyers and tenants looking to join the Fusion community. If you need to sell or lease your condo, now is a great time. If you are relocating with your company, let us know. We are able to assist you there as well, as homeowners are typically free to select their own agent to work with.

Here’s the latest Sales Scoop going back to April 1, 2016:

Enjoy the start of summer, and we will post again soon! Meantime, feel free to call us if you have questions or real estate needs.


310-728-5795 cell/text


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