Fusion Market Update as of March 12, 2015

Happy Spring, Fusion Neighbors!

There are still no active listings on the Fusion market, and believe me, Fusion is in high demand! If you need to sell, there are plenty of buyers looking to make a move into Fusion who are looking for properties that are priced at fair market value. Now is a great time to sell!

Here’s the latest Sales Scoop since February 1, 2015:

If you need to make a move, give us a call. We can help you sell your Fusion condo, and find another home in the South Bay. Or, if you’re going out of the area, we have an excellent list of agents across the country and worldwide and can put you in touch with someone great. In case you’re wondering where we sell stuff, you can see some of our Closed Sales here.

My team and I are happy to help with the sale of your Fusion condo, and your real estate needs anywhere in the LA/South Bay area. We’d love to add you to our Happy Client List, and we look forward to meeting with you to discuss your real estate plans.



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