Square footage discrepancy between Centex Sales Office and LA County Assessor’s Office

One question I often get from Fusion homeowners (usually those trying to sell or refinance) is “Why is the square footage different between the Centex Sales Office floor plans and the LA County Assessor’s Office?”

First off, it is not uncommon for county records to be different than what homeowners, appraisers, or even real estate agents quote. If you find that your county records are wrong, it’s not a huge deal to do nothing. However, by law sellers must disclose any known or material facts to potential buyers so it’s a good idea to note any discrepancies to perspective buyers.

Specific to Fusion, the square footage Centex quoted on most of the floor plans are larger than what the County Assessor’s Office records. If you’ve recently refinanced your Fusion Condo or are in the process, you might find that the appraiser taped the square footage at yet another number. Interestingly (or maybe not), another appraiser might have another number still for the same floor plan. You can resolve discrepancies by getting in touch with the assessor’s office and have them guide you. Here some links to help you out:

If you decide to do this, I’d be interested in hearing what your square footage is for your floor plan according to the assessor’s office and also how your experience was working with them.

Good luck!


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