The Fusion Real Estate Signs on Aviation

Are these signs current?

There have been a lot of real estate signs hanging out in front of the complex for a while now–so many that on a recent lease listing I had, there was no room to post my sign (good thing for my internet marketing!). 

Well, at any rate, a recent Fusion buyer asked me if allof those signs are up to date, or have the agents forgotten to take them down?

I just cross-checked each sign with the Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”–this is where all the brokerages post their listings for sale). Here’s the scoop:

All of the signs posted out front are current. Some of the condos are for sale and some are for lease, some are “pending” or “back up” (e.g., under contract with a buyer). Agents leave the signs up during the escrow period in case something happens and the escrow falls through…it is the sign of a good listing agent who keeps marketing the property until the buyer has released all contingencies or better yet the last week of escrow.

As always, if you have any specific questions about Fusion Real Estate or if you need to sell your Fusion condo, give me a call to review your goals.


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