Fusion Floor Plans: What the Heck’s The Difference Between an A or an E

There are 9 floor plans at Fusion, A-J minus I. And there are only 4 H units, they happen to be all along the East side in back of the complex. Don’t ask me why that is, I don’t know. Just passing along the info!

If you bought at Fusion from the Centex Sales Office, you probably know your floor plan letter. If you bought recently, you may have no idea. Does it matter? Probably not much. But it makes it easier to distinguish the difference in layout & size when you go to sell or lease your unit.

Here’s a link to all the Floor Plans in case you’re wondering what they differences are. Of course pricing makes a difference based on your location in the complex, floor plan (size), and upgrades. If you’re thinking of selling your Fusion condo, call me for a detailed assessment and marketing consultation.