Fusion Lifestyle

When we first bought at Fusion there was only dirt. The Centex Sales Staff were selling us on the “lifestyle”. They had to pitch us based on virtual tours and a miniature model display. I remember visiting the sales office many times, trying to figure out the best floor plan, the best location, etc.

On top of that, my head went spinning trying to imagine a community that wasn’t even built yet! Was it really going to look that nice, with the happy couple sitting by the pool and the lady walking her dog as the virtual tour displayed? If so, sign me up right now! But many questions twirled in my mind: How would the neighbors be, how would the location be? Will it be a good re-sale or rental when we need to move? What is the Metro maintenance yard exactly, and is it noisy? What are those power line things in the back, are they a health risk? Is it a good buying decision, it’s Hawthorne, right? But it’s right across from Manhattan Beach, and so close to the freeway and still not too far from the beach. The prices are good and the HOA dues are low. The pool will be nice, but if we buy near the pool will it be noisy? So many questions and decisions! Then when we finally settled on the floor plan, we had to choose the options and upgrades. More decisions!

Well, I’m a sucker for good marketing…my husband laughs because I fell for the Clapper infomercial (he bought me Clapper Plus for a gag gift several years ago…but I still use it and I just love it!). If the marketing grabs my attention, and it’s a useful and practical think then I will usually buy into the idea. So I fell for the idea of Fusion and the concept of “life is busy, enjoy resort-like living when you’re not working” and such. I do love the idea of having a low-key, low-maintenance, lifestyle.

Well, now after living here for 3.5 years, I can say the lifestyle and nearby places to eat, shop, exercise has only improved. There are so many great places nearby, many new places added recently that have enhanced the Fusion lifestyle. I’ll list some of my favorites next time.

Signing off for now, happy Fusion weekend everybody!


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